New Construction: Victory at Sepulveda.


On the SE corner of Victory and Sepulveda, a new one story, commercial building is being erected. It appears to have been designed by a real architect, with its slanted roofline and actual sidewalk corner entrance graciously meeting and greeting the street. Parking, shockingly, is in the back of the building.

A gas station previously occupied the corner, so toxic waste clearance delayed the new project. There are no signs indicating what type of business will occupy this location.

In Van Nuys, we can’t expect the courtesy or kindness of an announcement. We have to be grateful that anyone wants to build here at all.

I just want to know one thing: could this be a new Starbucks?

3 thoughts on “New Construction: Victory at Sepulveda.

  1. On the brighter side, a recent new building at the SW corner of Tyrone and Victory replaced the aging Cupid’s hot dog stand. I know many people considered it an institution of sorts, but it was poorly maintained and covered in pigeon doo-doo. The new building has a nice coffee shop, Dentist office, and a pretty good Mexican restaurant. Well designed with parking in the back and nice street facing design.


  2. Darn–I was hoping it was Coffee Bean. (I’m a dreamer, too) Also, can some developer or businessperson do something about the Allan’s Liquor and adjoining mess at the SE corner of Woodley and Vanowen?? Pass it on…


  3. Hey Andrew, Big fan of the blog. I live in the Midvale Estates area caddy-corner to the new building. Unfortunately, I have been told by the neighborhood commitee that this building will be a Wells Fargo Bank.

    I like how you dream though.


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