Psychic Signs: Sign of More Bad Times For the Valley.

It doesn’t seem much of a prediction to say that once the city allowed little psychic signs to proliferate in front of residences in LA, that some more aggressive scammers would erect electric signs on their homes that are as big as those found on commercial buildings.

Now the corner of Peach and Victory, which also is home to lovely Casa Concreta, boasts an enormous electric “PSYCHIC” sign which invites suckers driving along Victory to come in and have their futures predicted.

A phone call to Councilman Tony Cardenas, here in the 6th District, did get returned to me by one Frank Banos who has witnessed this sign himself and considers it appalling. He promised (on Monday, January 23, 2006) to send one of his men out to the property to survey the sign.

In January 2008, I will return to this corner and see what action has been taken, I do predict….the sign will still be here. Forgive my cynicism about our government.

The area known as Midvale Estates, west of Sepulveda, is actually one of Van Nuys’ little gems. Many of the streets have large homes on spacious lots. Commercials are filmed here because of the “All American” look.

But the decay and disorder of our own domestic insurgents is slowly reducing property values and the quality of life in this area. Soon Midvale may go Downscale unless laws and community standards are upheld.

10 thoughts on “Psychic Signs: Sign of More Bad Times For the Valley.

  1. I work around the corner from the house and neighborhood. That whole corner is just apalling. The house there next to Jack in the Box is hideous when someone crashed into it a while back they did the place a favor :O)


  2. That sign so pissed us off on Orion which is two avenues down, we were on it and i glad you people were too.

    Your site is a big help, I am bookmarking it


  3. Cardenas’ office got on top of it. The sign was illegal, so it was only a matter of time. This is an instance of good governmental response and I must applaud them for stepping in so fast.


  4. The sign actually came down a few days ago – i live in the neighborhood and couldn’t believe it got put up in the first place. A smaller sign advertising tarot card readings is still up however.


  5. Since Cardenas is running for office, he may actually take some action. Normally, unless you are associated with a special interest group, forget it.


  6. One more thing: Is the water line of that pool allowed to be that close to the each of the wall?

    I hate to bring this up, but this sort of thing bugs me beyond belief. Can I ask this question? Do you suppose the person who put that sign up is white? What I mean is, I have seen an infuriating unwillingness to even consider the culture and way of life to which one has relocated. Am I a hateful bigot for even assuming the person who put the sign up is not a white American?


  7. Patrick-
    I wrote “Lemon” when I meant “Peach”. It’s on the SW corner of Peach and Victory, one block east of Sepulveda.

    Thank you for your comments.




  8. I tried to check the zoning on the City zoning map, but I can’t find that intersection. Check the zoning. Even if it is commercially zoned, the use might not be permitted. If it is permitted, lobby your councilman for a zone change. Be a concerned citizen and not a gadfly. You’ll get a better response.

    You can also call the city and check on a business license and/or a home occupation permit. Also, call the building department and check to see if permits were pulled for the sign. Then call code enforcement. You have to stay on top of it. Bug them beyond belief if they do not respond.


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