And They Deserve Their Own State?

Photo: Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Nothing exposes the Middle East better than when a people is left to their own self-governance. The Palestinians, who brought the world terror in the form of hijackings, Olympic murders, and suicide bombing, now are fighting amongst themselves.

The photo above is “Islamic University” whose name and location, in Gaza City, offers no protection against the violence of the Palestinian movement. We are now being “educated” that the poor, poor Palestinians are being exploited by Islamists represented by Hamas and Iran, versus “Moderates” led by Fatah. Fatah moderates, it must be remembered are gunmen and thugs too. They only rule by fear, and whose fear will rule is what this battle is about.

When the shooting stops, the Arabs and Europe will again demand some sort of demented “road map” to peace that will involve conferring legitimacy on a Palestinian state, which itself is a kind of death wish for humanity.

Why do the Palestinians need a state? To speak Palestinian? To worship in their Palestinian faith? It’s never been quite clear to me. The Arabs have kept the resentment and the low self-esteem, and their favorite word, “humiliation” alive, because hating and self-hating are easier than building a positive nation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

One thought on “And They Deserve Their Own State?

  1. One of my harshest memories of 9/11 (I was in NYC then) was seeing the Palestinians celebrating on TV. That plus the attack itself made me feel more supportive of Israel.


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