Shopping Cart Blight.

The perennial problem of what to do with shopping carts that people use to transport groceries is again on LA’s agenda.

In my Van Nuys neighborhood, I’ve seen carts from: CVS, Costco, Office Depot and 99 Ranch Market. But I have not seen any from Jons, which is on the corner of Sepulveda and Sherman Way. Why not? Because Jons uses an invisible electronic fence that locks up cart wheels.

People who do not own cars cannot reasonably haul bags of groceries by hand. It is understandable that families must get food from the store to the home. But why can’t the grocery chains sell portable steel carts that fold up? Why doesn’t Ralphs institute an aggressive new policy to DELIVER groceries to its customer’s homes so that gasoline might be conserved?

The shopping cart blight is a symptom of an environmental problem that begs for a creative solution. It is an outgrowth of a “cars first” mentality that puts food only in the reach of those who drive to buy it.

9 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Blight.

  1. Michelle – There are numerous sources for such ‘real’ carts online.

    kpt – You prove the point of my (hopefully, by now published above) prior post – cars first is not the problem, me first scummy people are.


  2. Not understandable at all why people without cars feel the carts are for the taking. In other parts of the country, this does not occur. It’s the people’s lack of courtesy and decency, not their lack of cars (although their lack of social graces may contribute to not being able to afford a car, which is of course the reason most who don’t have one, don’t). It’s “me first” that’s the problem, not “cars first”. In civilized parts of the country, the police would stop anyone walking down the sidewalk with a stolen grocery cart.


  3. Food 4 Less stopped their rides home service, at least at the Panorama City Food 4 Less, on March 31st, 2008. Vallarta still runs their vans but Food 4 Less is basically my neighborhood supermarket. I don’t drive because it is not prudent for me to drive due to a disability.

    I would gladly lay down $100 to buy a shopping cart of my own. Not just those rickety hand-pull thingies, but a full-size shopping cart. Supposedly that’s what they cost. No sweat. Gimme. I’ll customize the damn thing so it doesn’t look like anything that either Food 4 Less or El Super or Island Pacific uses.

    I don’t like online grocery shopping. Particularly for fruits and veggies. You’re at someone’s mercy with regard to selection. Yeah Vons delivers in my ‘hood but they charge $10 for the privilege.


  4. God knows I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my foldup shopping cart, especially now that the Food For Less I go to no longer provides the free shuttle service. In fact, alot of the FFLs are are discontinuing the service, claiming that it’s one of the only ways that they can keep their prices down. Yeah, right….the only difference I’ve seen is the prices are still going up. Both Albersons and Vons do home deliveries, but I’m not so sure about Ralphs…..if they are, they’re a fairly recent addition to the service.


  5. There are portable carts available for sale…my grandmother owns one. They’re not quite as large as the carts at the grocery, but they do the job.


  6. My mistake on the Ralphs/Albertson’s delivery service. Maybe they aren’t shouting loud enough to let people know this is available.


  7. Albertson’s and Vons have online shopping. It’s not much more expensive than shopping at the store, and they often run specials for free delivery.

    There is a house in my neighborhood that never has less than seven cars parked in the driveway or out in front, yet they usually have a grocery cart in their front yard.


  8. Ralphs and Albertsons do deliver ‘here in Van Nuys.’ Ralphs sends out free delivery coupons in the monthly mailers. We use the Albertsons service ’cause we think the delivered food is better quality. It costs a few dollars, but I can order at 11PM and have it the next day.


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