KTLA-a Distinguished and Trusted Source of Local News.

Here are some stories gathering front page news headlines on the KTLA Website:

50 Ridiculous Celebrity “Duck” Faces
Accused ‘Craigslist’ Killer Found Dead in Cell Photo
Mom, Grandma Accused of Pimping Out Young Girl
2-year old Dead, Sister, 3, Critical After Crawling into Hot Car
2 Teens Die in ‘Choking Game’: Cops Warn Parents
Jet Blue Flight Attendant Caught on Video Leaping Out of Plane
Six Year Old Boy Dies, Detectives Say His Brother Shot Him In The Head
Boy Shot, Killed by 8-year-old Brother
Polite Predator “Thanks” Victims Before Running Away
Donor dies after live liver transplant at CU Hospital
Man Dies After Donating Liver to Sick Brother Photo
Pea Plant Found Growing in Man’s Lung
Cat Rescued After Being Left to “Marinate” in Trunk of Car
Mom Accused of Trading Xbox For Sex With Teenage Boys
Missing Chef’s Body Found Stuffed in Freezer

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