Madeleine Brand Back on KPCC.

About a year and a half ago, KPCC’s 9am morning show, Day to Day, was ripped off the schedule, a victim of budget cuts.

In its place was a lamentable and irritating BBC syndicated broadcast.

One could listen to the particularly British view of the world, with its respectful Hamas interviews; 20 minute long dissertations on the tse tse fly, and hear stories about the crisis in the Welsh sock industry.   I wonder how many KPCC listeners stopped listening. Did KPCC actually lose money when it started broadcasting the BBC?

Now Madeleine Brand, who previously hosted Day to Day, is back with her own 9am program. This show is produced in Los Angeles and will radiate, in both its broadcast and world view, from our city.

It is not provincial to want to listen to a local broadcast that explores local issues. Our TV news stations do a horrible job of covering LA, and only public radio, and reporters like Madeleine Brand, come close to quality reporting on the City of Angels..

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