One of the most persistent and ugly trends of the past few years are the appearance of mobile advertising signs, usually attached as trailers, on the back of pick-up trucks, parked along streets in Los Angeles.

On Burbank Boulevard, near Van Nuys Boulevard, this sign jumps across each side of the street every few days. The parking signs clearly state “One Hour” but this truck and its attached sign spend days and nights here camping out. This sign blocks traffic, creates a roadside hazard, slows down drivers and demoralizes our aesthetics.

Back in January, the Daily News reported a “Crackdown on Mobile Signs” . But like healthcare reform, job creation, and real estate activity, the corpse of public policy does not move.

3 thoughts on “The Mobile Advertising Sign Blight.

  1. A new state law allows cities to regulate these, whereas previously they were regulated by the California Vehicle Code. Not sure what LA is doing about it.


  2. I loathe these signs. Have always wanted to cover some of the telephone number digits with masking tape, but I figure I’d be the one ticketed for that.


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