An Apologist for Rape.

I have never bought into the argument that opposing abortion comes down to protecting and respecting life.

Because too many who talk of their devotion to the unborn also believe in the protection of guns, the proliferation of bullets, the unhindered freedom of assault weapons, and never ending war.

The latest comment by anti-abortion Missouri politician and Senate candidate, Representative Todd Akin(R), calling some type of rape pregnancy “legitimate” or “unforced” and therefore worthy of fetal protection, shows that the GOP is on the move, aided by religion, in making not only abortion illegal, but women into second-class citizens. Their true aim, revealed in Mr. Akin’s comments, are the invasion, occupation and control of the vagina body politic.

Fury, anger, righteous indignation, violence, all the feelings about how a woman gets pregnant, they all go back to the men who run things, not the women who bear children.

In their devotion to destroying the civil rights and reproductive freedom of American women, Mr. Akin spoke not erroneously, but correctly, the exact position of the Republican Party.

And here is what Mr. Akin voted for, the redefinition of the Federal Statute, to make rape, where a drugged or mentally retarded woman is fucked involuntarily, to be unforced and therefore NOT A FEDERAL CRIME.

“Earlier this year, every House Republican and 16 Blue Dog Democrats voted for a bill that would have redefined rape in federal statutes to be “forcible rape.” If this bill had become law, then statutory rape, the rape of a drugged or mentally impaired woman, or any rape where the rapist did not use physical force would not be considered rape. The bill died in the Senate. When Akin said “legitimate rape” he undoubtedly meant “forcible rape” as defined by the House bill but forgot the exact terminology.”- Electorial

No matter his sorrow, or contriteness, or appeals for forgiveness, Mr. Akin stands as a public APOLOGIST FOR RAPE.

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