Van Nuys Alley

Van Nuys Alley, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

No matter what your political leanings are, whether you believe that the free market and individual initiative are paramount, or if you think the city, the state, the nation should do more to develop and clean up the saddest sections, the conditions in some parts of America are simply shameful.

We deserve better in our nation. We really do.

9 thoughts on “Van Nuys Alley

  1. Somehow, we have lost our way…

    Look at how things were back in the 50s, 60s and even the 70s. Even if you’re not from that era, any person with a modicum of sense can make a comparison to see that it was a simpler, happier and much more peaceful time. There was common decency, people respected one another, the family was strong, people dressed the part, the quality of life was better and people seemed to be at peace. Why? What’s changed from then until now?

    I believe that God has taken his “protective hedge” off of this nation. I personally believe that we are reaping what we’ve sown. As much as I’m inclined to make this about politics, I have to go back to the root of the problem which is a lack of God in people’s lives. I’m not a religious nut but I know that I know that this nation is in decline because we have pushed God out of our government, schools, homes, and even taken Christ out of Christmas.

    I grew up in Van Nuys while I was in my teen years and left when I was in my early 40s. Over the years, I watched as the decline in people, work ethic and violence took hold. I remember when people took pride in their jobs and had a desire to do the right and honest thing. I remember when the majority of families stuck together and taught morals to their children even if it was only the Golden Rule. I remember when it was a “normal” thing to make small-talk with someone in public without scaring the daylights out of them. I remember when I knew my neighbors and we all helped each other and I remember when taking a photograph in public, didn’t dispatch a fleet of SWAT officers. I remember common sense.

    I like to come to this blog every so often because images from yesteryear are sometimes posted that prove beyond the shadow of any doubt, that civility and decency and God was once a reality in our country.

    Yes, we’ve definitely lost our way, and for that I am greatly saddened.


    1. Tom:

      Yes, you have made a valid and sobering point. We have lost our way and what we once took for granted in our daily lives
      has been lost and we are poorer for it.

      We do, however, have very many devout, religious, god-fearing people in Van Nuys.

      What we lack are those institutions that once provided unity and respect in the life of the nation. Daily we tear down
      teachers, government, priests and those same were held in the highest regard in the 1950s.

      We can try, again, in pockets of Los Angeles, to restore communal and face-to-face commerce in farmer’s markets, local businesses, walkable neighborhoods,
      local schools, historic preservation, to bring back those markers of daily life lost on the freeway and inside enormous malls and sprawling office parks.

      What man destroys man destroys man.


  2. You write “no matter your political leanings,” but it has to be said that Los Angeles is a very — very — so-called blue city in one of the bluest of blue of American states. The social, cultural and economic trends, therefore, that are reflected in neighborhoods like Van Nuys are very — very — much due to a particular way of thinking, a particular kind of politician, all tidily wrapped up around the demographics that such thinking and such politicians have greatly nurtured.

    If blame has to be doled out, we all need to look in the mirror.


  3. Same here – I don’t know why illegal dumping is so rampant when we have a city service that is willing to come and pick up large items (is it too much effort to wait for trash day?) – but in my hood it is the same – there’s a new couch or various furniture etc every week and it’s shameful – makes the streets look like we live in a third world country!


    1. You’re right. San Francisco is a much cleaner and more civilized place than Van Nuys and much of Los Angeles. So are Zurich, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Mlian and Oslo. I’d like it if everyone were here fair and square and legally but in the meantime we don’t have to wait for a perfect tomorrow as we begin to tackle our urban blight.


    1. If there were a developer who committed $50 million to a redevelopment of the area right near the Municipal Building, $50 million backed by
      a coalition of private and public companies, government, etc. then we could afford it. We actually can’t afford the neglect. That is costing us more in crime and incarceration.


  4. I’m seeing more and more of this behavior in van nuys..maybe its upbringing or lack.of respect but I’m sure sick of it. I’ve started educating my Nieghbors when I see this behavior. Its up to us to take it upon ourselves to clean up our streets. To encourage more trees and more respect for our hood.


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