The Barbara Jean Jepsen Murder: January 31, 1956.


Jepsen_murder_1956 copy

15050 Victory



On January 31, 1956, Barbara Jean Jepsen, an 18-year-old married woman, was found stabbed to death by her husband Joe Earl Jepsen inside their unit at 15050 Victory in Van Nuys.


The murder of the young woman shocked the city.


Photos of the crime scene exteriors are kept in the USC Digital Archives and offer a glimpse of detectives, in long coats and hats, gathering evidence and questioning blond, leather jacketed Mr. Jepsen.


As the investigation proceeded, other women in Los Angeles were also mysteriously knifed to death, and the killer or killers remained at large.




One of the suspects was Liberace’s younger brother Rudolph, 24, whose strange (?) behavior in Granada Hills caused neighbors to call police. Rudolph was later released and not charged with any crime.


The cottages where Mrs. Jepsen and her husband lived, and she died, have been torn down but are remarkably similar to ones still standing near Lido Pizza on Victory.


As far as I can ascertain, the murder of Barbara Jean Jepsen is still unsolved 58 years later.



5 thoughts on “The Barbara Jean Jepsen Murder: January 31, 1956.

  1. I am related to Barbara Jean Jepsen. She was my mom Janet Elwood first cousin. My mom always told me about this tragedy. And it haunted her. I wish I could find closure for my family. Sincerely, Barbara Jean Stewart


  2. I just want to say I was born when my family lived on Hazeltine. We then moved to Haynes (same owners). My father died when we lived there and the house was too big and the house on Hazeltine was empty so we moved back. I got married and had both children there. I didn’t want you to think I was being shady or anything, LOL


  3. I lived at 6311 Hazeltine which was a short 1 block from Victory. I was born there, and my daughters were born there. We all have the same address on our birth certificates. My youngest daughter Gayle, vanished in 1988 and is presumed dead, never found her body and there is just no trace of her. I just thought that this was strange. But I am sure there are others who could find a connection in some degree or another. There was a Mathews Shoe Repair shop just north of Van Nuys Blvd. that my dad and uncle used to own and operate. I love reading your stories especially when they revolve around the area I grew up in. I miss Van Nuys Blvd. from Bob’s Big boy to McDonalds. But especially between Delano and Kittridge. I remember Butler Brothers, Grants, Thom McCan Shoes, Sight and Sound, The drive up newspaper stand on Victory.


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