Moving Along at MacLeod’s.












DSC_3744Things are moving along at 14741 Calvert Street in Van Nuys.

MacLeod (pronounced “mac-cloud”) Ale Brewing Company “a seven barrel production brewery with a tasting room” is in the midst of construction, with floors ripped open for pipes; and dirt, lumber, shovels and a lot of labor working hard to get this industrial space transformed into a functional operation by April.

Me and Andreas Samson stopped by yesterday, armed with cameras and curiosity, (and some guilt), as we stood next to men covered in dust and mud, shoveling dirt into trenches in preparation for next week’s concrete pour.

The owners are Scots born Alastair Boase and his wife, American Jennifer Boase, and the brewer is Andy Black. Beers will be British style.

2 thoughts on “Moving Along at MacLeod’s.

  1. I am waaayyy excited about this! I am sure it was quite awesome to be able to check out the space. I am a home brewer myself and a member of the Maltose Falcons. One could say that I am really into beer. So yeah, really excited!!


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