The Invisible Dog.

Recently, I thought of one running inane storyline in TV’s  “I Dream of Jeannie” about an invisible dog named Chin-Chin who attacked anyone in a uniform, specifically Major Anthony Nelson and his buddy, Major Roger Healey.

The animal would chew up their clothes and then Jeannie would have to step in and restrain the animal. Since the dog was partly invisible nobody could understand why Major Nelson and Major Healey had chewed up and torn uniforms. Especially NASA psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows.

Around our neighborhood we have a loose German Shepherd who wanders out of his property on Columbus Avenue and is often seen by concerned neighbors who worry about his safety. The owner apparently does not care if her dog escapes, unleashed, and dashes across Victory Boulevard at rush hour.

A few months ago, in the morning, I went running and encountered the dog near my house at Hamlin and Columbus. The dog snarled at me and then came at me like he was going to bite or attack . I tried to walk around him, but he was not going to let me pass. So I went into a driveway of a neighbor. The dog eventually wandered off.

I related the story on Next Door and of course, people were dubious of my story. They said I ran off screaming, that I handled the dog incorrectly, that my fear showed.  Then some neighbors said this dog had killed another dog, and was a danger to the community.

The point was that my story, like most items on Next Door, ended up being a place for people to argue, and to doubt the veracity of what had been reported. Somewhat like the invisible dog on “I Dream of Jeannie.”

I’ve since reported the dog to E. Valley Animal Control. And the Next Door posts about the wandering German Shepherd continue to proliferate. One woman said perhaps the dog had a problem with men, (as Chin-Chin had a hatred for men in uniform?)

On a more cheerful note, the archives of the Los Angeles Public Library contain images of Barbara Eden (b. 1934) at a few charitable events in the San Fernando Valley circa 1960.

Photograph caption dated May 22, 1959 reads “Young Michael Rohmer, 8, post-polio patient at Orthopaedic Hospital, center, sells tickets to 3rd annual benefit golf tournament to actors and actresses, from left, Barry Coe, Barbara Eden, Sal Mineo and Terry Moore. Tourney is sponsored by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Investigator’s Association and will be held May 29.” Orthopaedic Hospital is located in downtown Los Angeles.

Photograph caption dated July 26, 1957 reads, “Actress Barbara Eden signals last call for Trailer Coach Association’s 1,200-mile travel-trailer caravan from North Hollywood’s May Co. parking lot to Seattle, starting today. Some 160 persons in 75 trailers will participate in caravan trip to Seattle’s Seafair celebration Aug. 2-11.”

Photograph caption dated March 23, 1960 reads, “Sherman Oaks actress Barbara Eden samples spaghetti sauce dreamed up by another film queen, Marilyn Monroe, whose recipe for sauce is included in Celebrities and Citizens’ Cookbook being made available to public by Women’s division of Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce. Division is headed by Mrs. E. J. Turner, right.”

Photograph caption reads: “Actress Barbara Eden, official hostess for the Los Angeles Open golf tournament, helps Junior Chamber of Commerce president Bob Meyer in selling tickets for the $44,500 links classic Jan. 8-11 at Rancho”. Photograph dated: Jan. 4, 1960.

Caption included reads, “Happy group at birthday party held at Charter House in Anaheim, get together to blow out single candle on cake signifying first anniversary on July 2 of Melodyland Theatre. Left to right are Melodyland producer Danny Dare, stars Barbara Eden and John Raitt of ‘Pajama Game,’ current attraction, Patti Moore, actress wife, producer Sammy Lewis and Bob Golbach, Charter House manager.” Photograph dated July 10, 1964.


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