“She Doesn’t LIKE Quinoa”

A friend suggested we meet for lunch at Blu Jam Café in Sherman Oaks. I never ate there so I looked it up on Yelp.

I found some good reviews, but quite a bit of one-star reviews about Blu Jam. They were written by people who may have studied English in school but are definitely afflicted with First World troubles.

Here are some excerpts (grammar not mine):

“Went here with a friend & we decided to leave. She wanted the salmon entree, but they wouldn’t substitute quinoa with anything else. She doesn’t LIKE quinoa.”

“The hostess moves to slow. She needs to look up and see what’s going on.”

“I hate this place! Millennials rule here. It is a hipster spot that does not treat older people well.”-Carol with zero friends.

“Food was ok however the glass of water had bugs in it!! Manager stated it’s because they serve organic food.”

“Breakfast was very delicious and fresh. Unfortunately so was the staff. Note to owner, too cool for you attitude is played out and taints the experience.”

“Dont try and order to go food. They take Postmates orders but wont take your Togo order.”

“customer service is slow and rude. my husband asked for a coke and it took 30 minutes after we asked 6 times. my husband went out to smoke 10 feet away from the restaurant near the street, the manager christopher said, “you cant smoke here.”

“First very low attention to a customer, no smile. we order a drink they bring it after 10 times of asking for the coke.”

“would never go back to this place anymore I was humiliated discriminate By an African American  Waiter server  Icame for the place I thought that I was in their very safe environment I was wearing a Hat   That says Let’s make merica great again The server ignored me for 15 minutes you started to serve other people even that they came after me his name is Christian African American racist the place is it racist full of liberal racist”

“Called a few times this morning in hopes of ordering french toast for to go and it kept going to voicemail, what “popular” business misses calls??”

Moaral of storey is doant eat in Sherma Noaks specially when you are kraving frenched toasts and people who werk hear are rude and if you need to valet your husband smoking who order coke six times no answer than what business don’t answer a call for French toasted go specialy if you’re sick of hipster and milenial attitude with no reason for rude than why get taken out and eat in with Blu Jam?

2 thoughts on ““She Doesn’t LIKE Quinoa”

  1. Wow, Andy, do ya supose any of the current generation of smart-asses was taught to take your goddamned hat off when you enter someone’s home, a church/temple, a restaurant/in the presence of a lady…oh never mind. Today’s little pigs are selfish/self-entitled/arrogant and truly the result of parents who never had a clue how to raise their children. Perhaps some of the loser hippies in the ’60s took to much from their god: Dr. Spock-no relation to Mr. Spock. In any case, I do understand the problem of dealing with all sorts of individuals. But growing up, and spending most of my life in the service industry, I always respected the fact that I was there to serve. And “the customer was always right”. Any feelings of low esteem were not nor would they ever be the fault of said customers. In fact, when my Union took us on strike (and one of them was a back breaker), I simply could not stand out there-even for $20 a day-because I had spent my life trying to build up how people saw my store. Too suddenly try strong arming customers not to return felt hypocritical. Of course, the alternative was seeing some long-time customers who didn;t give one shit in hell about the workers and were insulted to see the Union folks standing out there trying to defend their jobs. In the end, the Union pretty much lost, workers rights began to slip away, a couple of buyouts broughht in more anti-union management and they began firing us/setting us up with cameras everywhere you could imagine, to get rid of the older employees who had full time, full benefits and a good pension. I lost my full pension after 28 years working for them. The entire middle of my life was devoted to them-24/7 and now I am struggling just to survive. But I did work, Andy, and your desiring me to bleed for the homeless, the mentally ill, the wasted losers who think they deserve a free ride…really? I have tourette syndrome was prone to addictions, yet I chose not to become a drunk, a drug addict, a smoker. If you want FDR, move back east, like New York. California was a beautiful place filled with opportunities. But it was never a place for lazy slobs to come and demand welfare, food stamps, free health care and then produce nothing. I helped a family just like that over the past 12+ years. And ya know what I got out of it? A burned down garage, a looted safe and over a third of my hard earned savings gone from enabling those losers to continue doing nothing. When the elder statesman from said family died, he even got a free funeral, free pot in beautiful Jewish cemetery on Rinaldi and cost the citizens over $3 million dollars for his care over the past 10 years. He also collected from DCSF for three little girls whom he demanded clean out his urinal bottle before they were finally taken from him b the oldest of said girls. You seem to want reality, but taking pictures of the trash of society isn’t gonna accomplish anything. Get a job, give your money away to those scumbags, share a tent or stolen shopping cart with them for a while and see if their f’d up lives are really everyone else’s problem? p.s. you wanna build a hundred thousand more units for free shelter for them? Seriously? Then build it in Lancaster-where most others don’;t wanna go-and make it a small city for them. Within a year, they will have destroyed every square inch of that city and/or abandoned it or filled it with trash from the streets. I can obviously see you don’t own any rentals, but you haven’t a clue what it’s like to have losers whom you entrust with your property, to completely destroy it, not pay rent for 6 months and then disappear stealing everything not nailed down. But trying paying $1,000 a month on a mortgage with no renters and no money to fix what the previous tenants have destroyed. This is the latest event to add to my retirement.Gay/straight, races/whatever/whichever/human or monkey, people are slobs and if they haven’t earned the right to a place, don’t know how to maintain a place, have never worked or saved (in other words given up drugs, booze, chasin’ skirts or men to put money aside) why should anyone else feel sorry for these people, Andy? If you don’t own a place, your basically pay less than your fair share in taxes. My family lived/owned my property since 1947, and I went to private schools because my dad was a work-a-holic. At one point, mm taught to pay for my tuition. But our property taxes basically went to pay for everyone else’s education, like the scum that nearly destroyed my house. You wanna clean up Van Nuys, go rent the movie: Soylent Green…seriously. See how the world could certainly look in another 50 years. And then consider the homeless and view “the Scoops”…bring in the scoops. You let people burrow in and they won’t ever leave. The trash alone is being paid for by the tax paying citizens. No one is willing to work for free…are you? And for all those of you who cry with Andy, go buy a small trailer hookup for your vehicles and go picking up trash and deliver it to the sump-that’s Sunshine Landfill these days. Each and every person who complacently sits back and enjoys bitching and moaning without doing anything is as big a part of the problem as any of those poor, crazies living out there. I gave nearly everything I had available to try to help AND I didn’t have any children. Now I am forced to be surrounded by the drug addicted, the whores (that refers to both men and women)and better still, an ever-growing neighborhood filled with folks just drooling money but no desire to have or be actual neighbors. They build walls, fences, follow no laws at all and do whatever they damn well please. Oh ya, their not neighbors, they are investers filled with “EQUITY” which is why they continue to upgrade and take up every square inch of their properties. Afterall, one can never have enough bathrooms to shit their stresses away! Better the sewer than their neighbors’ heads…


    1. p.s. thanks for the copy of comments, Andy. I happen to grow red Quinoa, though I haven’t a clue what to do with it? Obviously I immediately felt sorry for the “waiter”. I gave up a dream for B & B due to that very concern. I’m afraid I’d pull out a gun and kill the first “high maintenance” witch who demanded 20 different alternatives to bacon and eggs. The world is now filled with that kind too. so one side is absolutely starving and the other side is worried how the breakfast died or where it was raised or why everyone else won’t succumb too/follow their own dietary desires?


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