Yesterday, late afternoon, there were clouds in the sky and the temperature was notably cooler.

On Calvert Street, outside MacLeod Ale, I was waiting outside for a friend when it began to rain. A few drops fell and then it moved on.

My friend arrived and parked in one of the few spots reserved in front of the brewery. 

We had a few beers, including Cut and Dry, an Irish stout; Deal with the Devil, my favorite IPA; and The King’s Taxes, a mild warmish ale from the first days of MacLeod.

We ordered a mushroom and sage pizza. 

There were people sitting next to us with two dogs, one sitting on a lap, the other, a Rottweiler, lying on the floor.

Then we paid for our food and drink and walked down Calvert Street, east, to shoot some photos.

In what some might consider the better parts of Van Nuys the people walk or jog past you and don’t say a word. They walk their dogs past my house, they pull a wagon with triplets, they push a stroller, and nobody even looks at you or smiles.

But on this part of Calvert Street, a poor place, just steps from a large homeless encampment, the working people were outside sitting, talking, laughing, skateboarding, coming home from work and selling food from the back of a truck.  

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