Moonlight Walk in Seoul.

Let us go for a moonlight walk in Seoul.

Put on your mask, there is still a pandemic going on. Everyone else is wearing one, because it is a responsible and civil gesture, protecting oneself and others.

Let us go walking on spotless streets. 

See the others walk past us. Everyone is trim, they seem to take care of their health. 

Let us go into the temple grounds. 

How beautiful it looks at dusk!

See the glorious architecture, behold the trees in bloom. There are families everywhere. Nobody fears a mass shooter. Nobody is scared of homeless or mentally disturbed people. All is orderly and regulated, safe and comforting.

Let us walk through Gyeongbokgung Palace, into the gardens, along the walkways, under the trees.

There is no garbage, no litter, no trash camping, no graffiti. People are content because they live in a city and a nation of self-respect and dignity, law and order. 

Let us live in Los Angeles as one might live in South Korea.

America once saved Korea. 40,000 American soldiers died, 100,000 were wounded to protect freedom and fight communism. The prosperity and happiness of modern South Korea was built upon the sacrifices of many who died so life could be lived in liberty.

Now Seoul, if it is not too much trouble, can you please save the soul of America?

Can you import your values to Los Angeles?

We are in desperate need.

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