West Side of Sepulveda Between Haynes and Lemay, Van Nuys, CA.

5 thoughts on “West Side of Sepulveda Between Haynes and Lemay, Van Nuys, CA.

  1. For some reason I can’t log in.  It keeps going in circles.  What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it? I was going to post about the strip between Haynes and LeMay.  When the valley threatened to leave the city of Los Angeles that area was cleaned and a few trees were planted.  The trees all died.  I think there is a pipeline underneath.  It might be a Shell pipeline.  If so, perhaps the city could get She’ll to install artificial grass.  It’s so dirty now, even the homeless don’t want to camp there. Years ago people who went to court for “minor” offenses, such as shoplifting, didn’t go to jail, but had to do community service such as cleaning trash and weeds.  Now it’s okay to steal up to $950 at a time and get away with it.  Bring back community service! Nancy Valentine 

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  2. Liked living in Van Nuys in the 50’s and 60’s. Moved to Berkeley and now Seattle since 1971. Moving was good but now the pandemic, homelessness, and ineffective city council have allowed the same problems to exist here; third worst major city in the US. Compassion fading, annoyance building; how about warehouses with partitions for privacy, restrooms, washers/dryers, and a roving cop, nurse and resource specialist. With this option, could then force take down of their tents and removal of debris.


  3. …the Santa Ana winds come and scatters it everywhere…..then the winter rains, and the detritus clogs storm drains and Van Nuys Blvd has standing water 6 inches deep. Ultimately the only fix is another LeMay. General Curtis.


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