There is new construction fencing and green tarps in front of 6505 Columbus. A building permit has been created for a new single-family house on the one-acre site of the former Rancho Perfecto which I wrote about in 2019. 

The idea that the land will be graced with just one single house is ludicrous. Every property in the neighborhood is stuffed to the gills with accessory dwelling units, vehicles or marijuana gardens. And, in 2021, any one house on a given lot in Los Angeles must self-procreate.

The property is near the corner of Columbus and Hamlin. It is across the street from the blue sign, “Columbus.” Mrs. Tweddle, a writing teacher, resides opposite this lot and runs a school for writers, You Tell Yours . A couple of blocks north is the Columbus Avenue School. All around there are signs, schools, teachers and the word Columbus

Columbus is everywhere.

But the new sign is 6505 Columus.

A bad omen for that architectural phrase: God is in the details.

Given the paucity of refined signage what will the new house look like? 

I expect high walls, cinderblock and iron, and a lot of concrete to park large vehicles, Hummers, SUVs, dump trucks, and monster trucks. There will be high security cameras and floodlights all around, and perhaps a triple story, double front door leading into a vast marble hallway with plastic seating and a pool table. The style will be Home Depot on the Range.

This was once a pretty nice place to live, before the city and state went to hell.

On January 15, 1950, this property and original house was listed in the LA Times at $22,500. 

Large 6 rm ranch type with 1 ½ ba. plus guest house, rumpus room & bath, laundry house, tool house, large double garage with storage closets. Patio, lighted badminton court, bbq and plenty of shade and fruit trees and roses. 

Does anybody these days desire a badminton court?

Maybe badminton would improve the neighborhood.

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