Some Photos I’ve Taken (2009-2019)

Since teaching myself digital photography in 2006, I have taken my camera around Van Nuys and vicinity in search of beautiful light.

Here are some selections of images with some commentary.

I don’t know how old they are, but I always imagined them as packing houses for citrus fruits, as they are one block from the old Southern Pacific Railroad tracks.

Ugly but thriving is how I would describe this shopping plaza, a place I just visited today to get my knives sharpened. Lido Pizza has been in business for half a century, serving up pizzas and pastas to a widening clientele.

One thought on “Some Photos I’ve Taken (2009-2019)

  1. Thank you so much for the pix; they are beautifully composed!
    BVN born and raised but I’ve not been back since my father died in 2013. Especially love D&K Liquor shot which was our go-to candy store when I was a kid. We gave it a naughty name…


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