Boulevard of Blankness.

According to City Data, the area of Van Nuys bounded by Roscoe Boulevard on the North, Woodman Avenue on the East,Burbank Boulevard to the South, and the 405 on the West, an area of 7.2 square miles, contains some 100,000 people at a population density of 13,271 per square mile. The LA Times claims 110,000…

The Holdouts.

Not far from my house in Van Nuys, there is an unimproved street without gutters or sewers, where the blacktop was probably laid down 80 years ago, past large parcels where grew walnuts, oranges and figs. On Columbus Avenue, there are perhaps five properties of 20-30,000 square feet each. Most of the houses are rented,…

Renaldi Does Clifton’s.

Photo by Richard Renaldi Photographer Richard Renaldi does LA's Clifton's Cafeteria.  

Liz Kuball: California Vernacular

California: strange, off-kilter and right before our eyes. As photographed by Liz Kuball.

William Reagh: Los Angeles 1950’s-80’s.

The blog American Suburb X has some great photographs of Los Angeles, shot by photographer William Reagh. Other images of Reagh's, along with notes, can be found at the California State Library. The photographs show a city undergoing vast demolition and reconstruction, especially in downtown LA. This was the era of urban renewal and grandiose…