Trade For Print-a new short story

  "Trade For Print" is a new short story I wrote concerning¬†an unscrupulous photographer who lures a postal worker into fraud by offering young love for sale. The piece, entirely fictional, of course, takes place in North Hollywood and moves around on local boulevards and avenues: Chandler, Colfax, Bakman, Lemp and Lankershim. ¬†And includes such…

Photographer Tom M. Johnson, Lakewood, CA.

Photographer Tom M. Johnson is profiled in today's New York Times. He shoots images of Lakewood, CA finding profundity inside banality, in matter-of-fact photographs which document an ethically diverse place where neat lawns, plain houses and regular people mingle.

How to Succeed Without Even Knowing

SMASHBOX FACE/OFF, originally uploaded by ClaytonLePanda. Did you know there is something called A Month of Photography LA featuring exhibitions, lectures, and discussions? The Lucie Foundation is the organizer of many events for photographers and those whose livelihood (or lack of one) is connected to the visual world. Last night, I drove down to Smashbox…

Larry Sultan: The king of colour photography – Features, Art – The Independent

Larry Sultan: The king of colour photography - Features, Art - The Independent.

William Reagh: Los Angeles 1950’s-80’s.

The blog American Suburb X has some great photographs of Los Angeles, shot by photographer William Reagh. Other images of Reagh's, along with notes, can be found at the California State Library. The photographs show a city undergoing vast demolition and reconstruction, especially in downtown LA. This was the era of urban renewal and grandiose…