Little, petty woman, living in your shell Married, bored, angry and morose You have so much on your plate Life passed you by Sitting in your car, looking at your phone, stuck in traffic Honking, texting, daydreaming Medicated, distracted, burdened Out there the world is dancing and smiling Without you Celebrities always smile What happened…

We Left Our Families

We Left Our Families, a photo by Here in Van Nuys on Flickr.Motto For a City I was driving west on Hollywood Blvd last week. Stopped at a light, right near the 101, I saw this poster in the window of a small shop. Applicable to many who migrated here, it sets in words, the…

Poetry of Mitt Romney

Down on Venice

Down on Venice why Should have it in my hand. The Golden State I mean. Where I went and encountered A place I didn’t like. Who knows why I didn’t fit in. They told me so in many words and gestures.