Among the Right Angles

The new community growing up around Lankershim and Magnolia is a place of right angles. Lofts and windows, rooflines and balconies: all are straight and horizontal, crisp and clean. I walked around here today, mid-day, in the white sun, along Chandler, McCormick, Blakeslee and Magnolia, in-between new apartment rental offices, new hair salons, new trees,…

Making Tortillas: La Taquiza

Making Tamales: La Taquiza, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys. This lady hand stamps each of these freshly made tortillas and then lays them on the griddle.

Sweet Butter Kitchen Coming to Sherman Oaks NBC Los Angeles

Sweet Butter Kitchen Coming to Sherman Oaks NBC Los Angeles.

Koo Koo Roo is Closed Closed Closed.

The Studio City branch of the Koo Koo Restaurant has closed.  Other locations seem to still be in business. I wonder why they haven’t all shut down? When this cheap chicken joint opened about 12 years ago, inside a cavernous old bank space, it seemed that Studio City had gained a healthy and good tasting…