Kittridge Street west of Hazeltine.

Kittridge Street, west of Hazeltine in Van Nuys, has a number of homes that were built in the 1920’s. Some of them sit on large properties and are graciously endowed with front porches and mature trees.

They impart a long lost dignity and graciousness to this section of Van Nuys. The visitor here imagines kids on bicycles, old ladies in aprons baking apple pie, backyard vegetable gardens, folks sitting on the porch in the summer twilight, and curtains blowing in the wind and Artie Shaw on the radio.

4 thoughts on “Kittridge Street west of Hazeltine.

  1. There’s also a small neighborhood arrested in time on Jellico Avenue, just north of Saticoy. One block is lined with ranch-style homes all on 30,000 square foot properties, most zoned for horses. Imagine that in Van Nuys – a bucolic refuge.


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