Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters of ABC, who has done more to erase the line between news and entertainment than any figure since Ronald Reagan, has just announced her 10 most fascinating people of 2005.

On the list is sweet and ditzy comeback girl Teri Hatcher, and of course Tom Cruise, the increasingly psychotic billionaire actor whose teeth have bewitched the world. Attorney Tom Mesereau, was chosen as the one who defended Michael Jackson, the twice innocent child molester. Condoleeza Rice, whose rigidity and loyalty to the untruths that guide her boss, also appears here. Kanye West, who tops the charts doing something digital and rhytmical with his hands on his crotch, is also deemed fascinating. One of West’s most profound utterances, his plea to stop anti-gay prejudice: “Yo man, just stop it!”

“Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005” will air Nov. 29 (10 p.m. EST).

9 thoughts on “Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating People

  1. ok, so maybe it was a weird thing to make camilla the most fascinating, but breaking up the royal family, for better or worse kinda makes her fascinating. i mean, do any of you have the balls to do something like that?


  2. What were you thinking, Babs? Camilla is the worst example of dignity, beauty and royalty. I’m utterly appaled at your pick of this most dispicable horse face whore. She ruined Diana’s life by constantly trying to be in Charles’ life. She is the last person on earth I would have chosen. What is wrong with you? Are you getting senile?


  3. I think the part everyone is missing is the word “fascinating.” The word neither denotes good or bad, but decribes something that we find to be interesting.

    Whether you like Camilla or not, she has been in the press a lot this past year, just like everyone else on Barbara Walter’s list.


  4. I woke up just before the show was over to see the “MfP” announcement….Camilla??? This morning I thought it was a bad dream. How could Babs pick her after so appropriately picking Oprah last year? I’ve always respected BW — but what was she thinking?? Maybe time to retire??


  5. I have never been more disgusted with Barbara Walters or anyone else who seems to think that one’s mistress would warrant a spot in the group of most fascinating people of the year, much less THE most fascinating person. FOR SHAME!!! If these are the standards by which you choose one to be so fascinating, it is no wonder that the value of fidelity has diminished and now, because of your show, will continue to diminish.


  6. Barbara said that the most fasinating person was camillia…Unbelieveable! She receives credit for disrupting the marriage of Princess Diana all those years and now is so special…? She should have backed off and found a man that was not married. If she had done that, Princess Diana may be alive today and had not had to take different routes to be happy through all the disruption of her marriage to Prince Charles. Come on, people do not see her as a star!


  7. That is disgusting you chose Prince Charles mistress. How dare you! That is sick. Jennifer Aniston is the most respected woman in the USA, how dare you choose someone cheating. That is sick.


  8. What I can never figure out is whether the secret “most fascinating person” is one of those already mentioned or an entirely different person. So who could it be? And who was last year’s “most fascinating person”? For that matter, who won best actor at the last Oscars? Not that I’ve won anything, which I haven’t but who can remember this stuff a month later?


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