I know it’s old news, but the “war” between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell has elicited some witty commentary from James Wolcott.

After O’Donnell questioned Trump’s moral credentials in pardoning a drunk Miss USA in order to further publicize his own “generous” and “forgiving” character, Trump went on a bullying orgy of insult against O’Donnell. She was “a slob” and “an animal” with “no talent” who, due to her lesbianism, “was not fit to judge”.

But it is Trump who shows his weakness. No man of character or strength would expend hours to insult a woman who did nothing more than criticize his public decision to allow an obviously unfit pageant winner to keep her title. Trump is a king vulgarian through and through from his grotesque, cheap, gaudy and pimpy glass towers to his un-modelike marriages. He tried to gloss over his hatred of O’Donnell by throwing in some anti-Bush sentiments such as “lying about Iraq” and “Rosie lied”.

But personal attacks are not political critiques.

Trump may temporarily rule the airwaves, but his architectural legacy is one of defacement. He bought his way into New York society by erecting the cheapest and most expensive whore houses and shouting their virtues into the megaphone. His egotisical skin, like his building facades, is paper thin and easily blown off.

2 thoughts on “Triumph of the Vulgarians.

  1. Well, as the old Disney cartoon once said, “Pigs is Pigs.”

    That said, the biggest question of all is why the public cares so much about this obvious “sweeps week” attempt (and a successful attempt at that) to put both Trump and O’Donnell in the news when they were otherwise un-newsworthy.

    I was frankly amazed at the amount of coverage this received, but then again, I am often amazed what passes for “news” these days.

    If people want to consume this type of “news” content there is little I can do, except ignore it and hope my good example rubs off on someone.



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