Harold Meyerson, writing in today’s Washington Post, correctly points out that the American people have figured out that the situation in Iraq is grimly, comically, tragically unworkable.

We are enlisting the support of the richest Sunni states, like Saudi Arabia, while we wage a war of words against Shiite Iran, which also supports our Shiite ally in Iraq!

The enemy of my enemy is my….enemy?

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia provides money to Sunni insurgents inside Iraq who are killing and blowing themselves up! Saudi Arabia, as usual, is up to no good, even as they publicly call for “stability” while fearing for their own questionable legitimacy.

It was Saudi Arabians who mostly flew the planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Meyerson writes:

“More broadly, our plan for stability in Iraq is to bolster whichever Shiite administration governs the country, no matter its closeness to Iran, in the groundless hope that it will establish nonsectarian order. Our plan for stability in the region is to enlist Sunni states to contain Iran. These plans cancel each other out……..

Now, we are stuck backing an Iran-friendly Shiite sectarian regime in Iraq, even as we plan to spend hundreds of millions in aid to the Lebanese army to fend off the Shiite sectarian forces of Hezbollah, and even as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice scuttles from one Sunni state to the next in an attempt to build a firewall around Iran. This is foreign policy as nonsense, as the American people have apparently figured out.”

The best solution for America’s self-interest in the Middle East is to withdraw from Iraq and cut our oil consumption in half. We only provide an alibi for Islamic insanity by staying in the region.

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