A year ago we visited Kithaus, a modular housing manufacturer based in Van Nuys.

Martin Wehmann and Tom Sandonato are the owners of Kithaus. Mr. Wehmann recently gave me a tour of the new smaller “K3” unit, a 117 sq. ft building that is compact enough to skirt most local building permits. It is priced under $25,000 and its inside dimensions are 8′ x 12′. The “K3” model was built behind and connected to another larger Kithaus.

The structure I toured was smartly furnished for a home office. Wooden slat louvers (extra) screened out the sun, and the wood deck (also optional) was perfect for two sleeping Golden Retrievers. Glass doors opened to the warm California sun. Interior serrated walls accommodate storage expanding horizontal shelves.

What has always impressed me about Kithaus are the details. The steel and wood materials are precisely and expertly finished and cut. These homes share more in common with an Apple Computer or a Mercedes than a Toll Brothers piece of McMansion junk.

Mr. Wehmann said that sometime later in the year, a yet-to-be announced “major retail” partner will also begin selling the Kithaus.

These products will take off when onerous government regulations (which have actually hampered the spread of modular housing) are relaxed.

In the meantime, the future is being built in a factory near the Van Nuys airport.

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