1958 Edsel=2007 Windows Vista.

1958 Edsel
Originally uploaded by Todd Ehlers.

The new Windows Vista operating system launch is super exciting! I look forward to all the beautiful, simple, easy-to-understand way that Microsoft does everything. And the price isn’t that bad, only a few hundred dollars to do what I have done for the last ten years.

I also can’t wait to get my hands on these fine products:

1) A Samsung VHS player
2) A Black and Decker Coffee Maker.
3) Sears Brand Shampoo
4) Remington Nose Hair Trimmer
5) George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Grill
6) Kirkland Brand Computer Monitor
7) Swingline Plastic Stapler
8) RealPlayer Version13
9) Complete Volume of George W. Bush’s Speeches
10) Iraqi Police Training Manual

Finally, a reason to start using PC’s again!

2 thoughts on “1958 Edsel=2007 Windows Vista.

  1. Hehe. I actually work at an ad agency that handles Microsoft accounts, including WV. Can’t say much more than that, but it’ll be interesting to see how real-life people react to the product.

    Back in NYC I did some ad work that was truly “super-exciting,” at an agency that did promotion for the big Broadway shows (plus some LA theaters). Of course, my heart is in the performing arts rather than computers.

    That Iraqi Police Training Manual’s gotta be a real page-turner!


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