He stars in “The Number 23” a movie that seemed so ridiculous in its trailer, and now has been reviewed as pure junk by most who have seen it. Carrey is arguably a brilliant comedian and has the depth and intelligence to act well, but his choices are horrendous.

I just want to cringe when I see him in such films as “Lemony Snickets” “Eternal Sunshine” and “Bruce Almighty”. He seems to be headed down the same road as Robin Williams, as a once talented young guy is swallowed whole by the Beverly Hills, CAA, Paramount/Dreamworks/Sony grossness. The same man who made me laugh “In Living Color” and went on to a series of funny and successful projects like “Liar, Liar” and “The Truman Show” has now become a caricature himself.

He was famous for commanding $20 million a film, a p.r. hype if there ever was one and it seemed deserved for that time from 1995-1998. But ten years have passed, in which he has been ever more re numerated and grown in wealth and stature, but as an entertainer he is diminished.

Why any actor would choose to work with director Joel Schumacher is one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries. Schumacher has no talent and should have stayed in the drug ingestion and window dressing business. Carrey has again made the wrong choice by working with JS, who directs the way Anna Nicole mothered.

I always wondered why Carrey did not star in “Bewitched” as his facial expressions and range are right up there with the late Dick York. I mean this as a compliment. Maybe Carrey alone could have saved “Bewitched” from a bad director. He certainly can’t do it in “23”

3 thoughts on “What Has Happened to Jim Carrey?

  1. While ‘In Living Color’ was hysterical, have you ever thought that perhaps Jim Carrey wanted to do more than just contort his face?


  2. Andrew: May I ask what you didn’t like about Carrey’s performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? I really enjoyed that film, although more for the story than for any particular actor. (I did find Kate Winslet’s character pretty intriguing, though — perhaps because I could see myself having a crush on someone like that.)

    Regarding “Window Dresser” Joel Schumacher, I actually liked Falling Down. An angry little movie, to be sure — but then, I was feeling pretty angry at that point in my life.


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