Damnation Through Praise.

A few weeks ago, Sen. Biden referred to Sen. Obama as “clean and articulate”. A horrible remark to make about a real live black man. Now Obama has praised Sen. Edwards as “cute”. A mean thing to say about a family man with a sparkling smile and well groomed hair.

I suppose we will get to hear Sen. Clinton called “feminine” and Sen. McCain called “patient” and Candidate Giuliani will earn the sobriquet, “a true Republican”, when he is nothing of the kind. Welcome to the season of positive campaigning, when all the old nastiness is discarded in favor of an Orwellian insult disguised as a compliment.

Sen. Edwards seems destined to be “outed” though nobody knows of anything gay he has done in public or private. The remarks about his handsomeness will certainly raise suspicion in the red states, where ugly politicians are as numerous as fried chicken, trailer parks and 250 pound first graders. It is likely that the Republicans, who call a fag a fag (or faggot) will have to endure the charge of bigotry, while Democrats will escape it, but still play the fag card by demasculinizing each other, as Sen. Obama did to Sen. Edwards.

I see a lot of fun times ahead, as the “new” politicians disguise their old words under a rose colored lens of kindness, damning each other in praise.

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