Watching “Desperate Housewives” is like having an addiction to Taco Bell or Vons brand white bread: you know it’s bad and full of empty calories, but you consume it anyway. Like most junk food, you feel sick afterwards, vow to stop your consumption, and then you’re hungry again.

But ABC is not only turning away its audience, it’s starving and sending them away, never to return. How else can I explain the sixth week of re-runs and last night’s awful clip show with the “best” of DH? The “new” season only started last October. By December, they were pre-empting it, and now it’s April and the show has still not aired any new episodes. May is only around the corner, so I’m prepared for a bombardment of announcements…. “An all new episode…..”

Yet the storyline on DH is frankly awful and getting worse. The amnesia of Mike, the weirdo husband of Bree and his murderous mother, the engagement of Susan, the shallow Gaby and her fat husband, and the opening of Lynette and Tom’s pizza parlor…big deal. The great moments of DH are shorter than skits on Mad TV. But I’ll be watching, no doubt, when a “new” installment comes up.

The actual time that the 60 minute show airs, between commercials, is probaly about 35 minutes. There is a commercial about every five to seven minutes. From 9:20-9:40 pm, one basically watches ads, if one does not have Tivo. This one does not!

I imagine that the creator of the show, Executive Producer Marc Cherry, is quite worried about how ABC is treating his baby. EP’s are mostly powerless these days, even when they rake in milliions for a network, and then millions for themselves. If you really put your passion into writing and producing….you can only supress your nausea and revulsion as the corporate behemoth squashes you even as it proclaims its love for you.

DH is badly written, well acted, badly scheduled, well intentioned. Compared to the great camp dramas of the past like DYNASTY and DALLAS, it’s small potatoes. But why strangle it now?

3 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives: How To Kill a Golden Goose.

  1. They forced a “Psychic” sign that was illegally placed from a house near Victory and Sepulveda after my neighbor and me complained. This happened in about three days.

    Good to hear. I wondered what had happened.


  2. NYn8v-
    Believe it or not, I think both Councilman Cardenas and the LAPD are VERY RESPONSIVE when a resident speaks up. Among the issues they have corrected since I moved here in August 2000:

    1. They created a DO NOT ENTER area on Victory at Columbus so cars can turn easier, after we wrote a letter to the city. This took about two weeks.

    2. They repaved Columbus above Victory after a letter.

    3. They forced a “Psychic” sign that was illegally placed from a house near Victory and Sepulveda after my neighbor and me complained. This happened in about three days.

    I live in VN because I could afford to buy here six years ago. If I had a million more, this might not be my first choice. But I think with enough citizen action, the area could get better.

    We still have slum landlords on Kester who bring the whole area down.

    Thanks for reading.



  3. how crazy this is, my colleague was browsing through the blogs and realized that you live in my ‘hood’ – have you ever been to a neighborhood watch meeting? After finding used condoms in the street on my morning walk, I finally attended a meeting and surprise! – our neighborhood cop gave us all his cell phone number! Then, when 3 very obvious hookers approached my car as I was making a turn on Kittridge and Sepulveda, I phoned our guy and believe it or not – they were gone!
    So, maybe I didn’t read thru your positngs far enough, but, why are you living in van nuys?


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