Just this morning, I was pulling out of my driveway, when I saw a sticky used condom and a ripped open box of Ramses laying near the gutter. We had had “overnight guests” on our street.

Usually, the roadside trash is just a McDonalds wrapper or maybe an empty bottle of orange soda. This is how most of Van Nuys feeds itself, it seems. Late night appetites are satisfied by other means.

How can we stop johns and their ho’s from using our street for their illicit nocturnal satisfaction? By the time we get a license plate off the back of a car, the car will be gone. “311” or “911”…both might arrive within an hour. The only LAPD response time that is ever quick is when you make an illegal U-turn on Sepulveda near Costco. (not that I mind enforcement of our traffic laws).


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