I saw “Disturbia” today at the S.O. Galleria. A very well done thriller, with natural, uncontrived acting, a well-written story, great cinematography, editing and music.

But in at least half a dozen scenes, the boom mic is visible. Is this the fault of the theater, which projects it onto the screen incorrectly? Or was the film shot & edited with nobody noticing the mics?

Anyone with technical expertise please respond.

2 thoughts on “"Disturbia" at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

  1. Not an expert, but often times it’s the projectionist’s fault. Most likely they were projecting it too low. If the boom mikes are still visible on the DVD then it’s a camera operating problem.


  2. Probably a movie-house mistake. They might not have masked the projector correctly. Then again it could be intentional–a post-post-post modern swat a movies and the Rear Window nature of this movie.

    In any case films are shot with boom mics in frame and are supposed to be shown with the doohickey on the projector that masks them out. Raging Bull is a good example of this. The prints have the boom mics visible throughout.

    Then again I’m no expert at all. Perhaps it was just shoddily made.


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