We recently found a newsletter from Campbell Hall, a well known and respected private school in Studio City. Here is an excerpt from one item (names changed):


“Mrs.Smith and Mr. Smith are really nice, cool teachers are leaving the school to move to Iowa.
Mr. Smith has been working for 4 years and Mrs. Smith has been working for 5 years at Campbell Hall.
They has taught 7th and 8th grade science for all the years they’ve been here, and they’ve helped their students to like and understand science, as well as think it’s really interesting.
The Smiths are very well liked teachers by all their students.
Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith think it will be better for their family if they move to a less commotional place.”

3 thoughts on “Best Ejucation That Money Can Buy.

  1. Nancy:
    You are right in explaining that nothing would ever get out to the public, or in print, without a teacher edit. I don’t blame the students.

    What frightens me is that this goes on at a school where tuition costs $22,000 a year and they still tolerate barely literate prose.

    This reflects very badly on the administration of Campbell Hall. But it confirms my suspicion that “the best schools” are often only those that the richest attend and undeserving of their laurels.


  2. This was, I assume, from some student publication, right? I can’t say I’m shocked…Having taught English for twenty-two years, this looks about right, I’m afraid. Of course, I’ve spent my career with all those down-and-out inner-city kids, most of whom are taking on English as a second language, so it’s seldom that I even get to a place where such nicities as parallel structure are addressed.

    What suprises me more is the fact that the powers-that-be at CH would allow this to go out unedited. I work on the yearbook at my school, and I can guarantee you that nothing…nothing…of any written nature leaves my room brfore I have seen and proofread it. The kids think I’m crazy, and, of course, I am (remember, I’ve been in this for over twenty years…I must be nuts), but that’s how we play it in room 343.


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