It makes me happy to walk around this neighborhood of shade trees, fine old homes and sidewalks. I found this old mailbox on one corner.

5 thoughts on “Toluca Lake.

  1. we should at least be glad they’re condos (do you know for sure?) hopefully the new residents will take a little more pride in their patch of sepulveda than the majority of renters do…


  2. Do you mean the condos being constructed between Victory and Vanowen on the west side of Sepulveda?

    They knocked down a very unique mulit-family building from the 1940s and are replacing it with mansard roofed garage-under-the-townhouse banality.

    I just looked at it today and wondered why they are copying a style that was popular about 25 years ago?


  3. while you are out taking pics – take of pic of that monstrosity that’s going up on Sepulveda. I can’t quite remember that exact address but it’s on the West side of Sepulveda somewhere between Burbank and Victory. A huge building of some kind. Please tell me it’s NOT a condo or apartment complex. I can’t imagine that many people being added to that small area.


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