These eager young men are busy devoting their Saturday morning to the clean-up of old Van Nuys. They are standing near the corner of Vesper and Hamlin.

8 thoughts on “Clean up crew: Van Nuys.

  1. oh the irony…i love it. so i’m a racist now, huh? prejudging people you don’t even know, christopher? sounds to me like prejudice, the first prerequisit for a racist. oh yeah, right…i guess i’m guilty of it as well, seeing as how i judged the “volunteers” as juvenile offenders without even knowing them. but for you to make the unquantifiable leap that i’m a racist belies your assumption that the impetus for my innocuous observation was the ethnicity of the young men. your harsh judgement is not only baseless, its indicative of your own racial hang-ups.


  2. I’m not sure “Anonymous” is racist. Perhaps he/she was put to work in a situation like this, or knows someone who was “forced” to do community service.

    In my opinion, we need to have requirements for all young people to do community service for a year, not just as punishment, but as part of an education.


  3. i think anonymous is straight up racist. nobody really likes to get up on a saturday morning to work, right? these kids are looking pretty damn happy to me. i know if i were them i would have a frown, whether i wanted to be there or not.


  4. i don’t know that they are volunteering–i’m assuming. i wouldn’t at all mind being wrong on this one. one thing we do seem to disagree on is your perception of my perception: it’s called realism–not cynicism–and i think we need a little more of that and a lot less blind naivete.


  5. I agree with Miles. Nobody in this group seemed particularly unhappy about doing something positive for their community, either out of choice or to fulfill a legal obligation.


  6. ‘Scuse me, anonymous. How do you know from this pic that these guys are being forced to “volounteer”? Maybe, just maybe, they really are volounteering. A little less cynicsim, please. Thanks.


  7. devoting one’s time through volunteer work is noble; being forced to do it–these young men are most likely fulfilling some comunity service requirements–is not.


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