C’mon Barack…Get Nasty!

I had a horrible thought today: Barack Obama is behaving like an aristocrat, controlling his temper, much like John Kerry in 2004.

Obama needs to get nasty with Clinton. She is a woman who has stayed one step ahead of the Sheriff her whole life. She and her “husband” kept the entire nation involved in the meltdown of their marriage and brought us to the brink of impeachment only ten years ago. Her greatly touted management skills brought us the health care fiasco, and she consistently switches temperament and personality depending on the political situation that she finds herself in.

With her odious indictment of Obama’s connection to Resco, she seems to forget that her whole life has been a continual reaction to the ever present muck of extra marital affairs and political duplicity. She may have straightened and dyed her hair blond, cut off a few inches of skin from her neck, and botoxed her cheeks, but underneath it all she is still the creature from the Whitewater lagoon.

When it comes to health care, the name of the game will be compromise. Despite promises to cover every American, you know that the day the legislation is written, the lobbyists will hold the legislators in a noose. I don’t care if the President is named McCain, Obama or Clinton. To run on the campaign trail and talk specifics is sometimes more duplicitous than promising to unite us.

Obama needs to get mean. Hillary has been practically vanquished and destroyed, and come back every time, like Glenn Close emerging from the bathtub in “Fatal Attraction”.

Take off your tie Barack and learn to use your fists!

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