Van Nuys Bungalow.

This house at 14602 Hamlin St. in Van Nuys caught my eye.

I noticed the front porch detail that seems to incorporate Art Deco lines. The home was constructed in 1922, according to the City of Los Angeles, Dept. of City Planning.

There is a revival, or perhaps a new appreciation for this oldest section of Van Nuys that sits in the shadow of Van Nuys High School. There are numerous churches here, educational opportunities and most remarkably, a walkable neighborhood.

This is not yet Pasadena, and the details seen in this home, from the steel fence to the glued on house numbers, would not be acceptable in the City of Roses.

But there is a yearning, eternal, for social stability, safety, and family values that one sees in many of the neatly kept houses in this district. Their tales will not make the evening news, but give us hope for the future of LA.

One thought on “Van Nuys Bungalow.

  1. I knew someone living in one of these amazing homes, years ago, it was on Gilmore or Hamlin, can’t remember. They are really nice homes, so much better than the monstrosities that are being built all over LA. It seems that builders (and buyers) are more concerned with getting every possible inch of square footage rather than maintaining some integrity to the design and yard space. Ugly stuff that is being built now. What happened to architecture? A once-noble field.
    btw, have you noticed the new Fresh & Easy that is being built on the corner of Vanowen & Sepulveda? The company is UK-based, TESCO, and has had much success there. Certainly a much-needed addition to the ‘hood.


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