A Lost Cause….

From the great James Wolcott at Vanity Fair:

Loss Horizon

In a recent speech Republican hopeful John McCain raised the somber spectre of what defeat in Iraq would do to that region, to America’s morale, and to its standing in the world.

“I’d much rather lose a campaign than lose a war,” McCain declared, to which Barry Crimmins responded, hey, “How about both?” You know, consider a two-fer. But don’t go dangling the shroud of Vietnam before us.

McCain’s emergency appeal to boys who are more afraid of losing than anything else in the world speaks to every clown who ever got in a fist fight at a slow-pitch softball game. The United States has already lost a lot more than a war it never should have started in the first place. Thanks to America’s growing police state, we have lost our civil liberties. Thanks to America’s practices of torture, illegal detention and extraordinary rendition, America has lost whatever good name it had in the world. Thanks to America’s two-term fascist moron president, America has become an international punch-line. Thanks to the low, low prices of politicians, the American government has become a subsidiary of heartless, bloodless corporate scum. And thanks to that, the American military has become Hessians in service of that scum. Under the phony cover of “globalization” America’s economic backbone has been filleted and shipped in sharp shards for use in impaling peasant populi around the world. This country is broke, its infrastructure is busted and its health in the exact same condition as the ethics of the insurance and pharmaceutical racketeers who value profiteering more than life. Why exactly should I give a shit WHEN we officially lose a war that was a lost cause the second it became a viable option?

And on a patriotic note, Crimmins also suggests a convenient spot where Time columnist Joe Klein can tuck his American flag pin for safekeeping.

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