The Pro-Life Party.

I will most likely vote for a candidate for President from the pro-life party this November.

This party respects life and will do more to enhance and prolong it through their policies.

The pro-life party will, first of all, begin to withdraw US troops from Iraq so that the killing of our soldiers will cease. Iraq can then work out for itself and between its own factions on how to best govern their country.

The pro-life party will try to bring Americans an affordable health care that protects life and prolongs it. Regular check-ups, medical care for the poor and middle-class, and the end of insurance that seeks to exclude the ill from coverage.

The pro-life party will fund money so that we can have more law enforcement, so that gangs and murderers do not wander freely throughout the cities of America, gunning down anyone for any reason.

The pro-life party, sensibly, believes that guns should be registered and a database of bullets and guns should be available for law enforcement to trace weapons used in crimes.

The pro-life party believes in the protection of the planet, including animal species who are endangered and the preservation of wild areas which sustain both human and non-human life.

The pro-life party will see that abortion remains a choice for women, because the procedure must be regulated and overseen by medical professionals. It must never return to the days of the back alley abortionist.

Above all, life in all forms for all people must be the priority of the next administration.

5 thoughts on “The Pro-Life Party.

  1. Iraq, Tibet, Darfur…three nations which have nothing to do with each other. The first one we invaded, though they did not attack us. Tibet is under Chinese domination. Darfur is due to a brutal government and civil war.

    Abortions may take more blacks proportionally, but so do guns and crime. When you consider how many black people die from gun violence, the actual racism of keeping guns abundant and unregistered is truly sickening.

    Who said anything about bombing Chines coal plants? Did you just throw this in because it sounds hysterical and insane?

    How do you know there is no such thing as affordable health care? Have you been to those other nations who take care of their sick citizens with less money and do a better job of it than the US? Do you know life expectancy is dropping in parts of the US? Did you hear that on the radio today?

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  2. Let’s pullout of iraq. Who cares. After all, some of us didn’t learn anything from pulling out of vietnam. Yeah, let those iraqis work it out for themselves. And does that apply to tibet or darfur? Let those people work it out for themselves? Or do you place more importance on some people than others?

    There is no such thing as affordable health care. Once the government got involved in it the costs have only gone up and up and up. Like everything the government does, it will be overpriced and under[performing. Is that what you want?
    Free market works! Let the doctors compete against each other instead of the government getting involved. Proof? Easy enough. Insurance doesn’t cover plastic surgery. And what happened? Doctors competing for work had no choice but to lower their price.
    Sure, let’s register all guns and bullets. One way of thinking is that only the law abiding people will show up to register, the criminal won’t. But if you like this idea, why not suggest all citizens submit some dna in case there’s some used chewing gum next to a victim of crime. Hell, let’s just put microchips in everybody so the government will know where we are at all times. There goes the crime problem.
    Protection of the planet. Kewl. Let’s attack china for their pollution. Bomb all their coal power plants.
    Let’s keep those abortions going. By the way Andrew, how do you feel about the black race? Do you share the views of margot sanger, the founder of planned parenthood? Did you know that blacks are 35% of abortions compared to 13% of the population. Is that acceptable to you?
    “Life in all forms must be the priority,” nice rhetoric. You mean all life that isn’t flushed down the drain because they are unwanted. Hey, the insurance companies treats people the same way that pro-baby-killers do. They don’t care about the unwanted either.
    Anonymous said- Desiring something better and voting for a candidate that may be able to provide it
    People make this country great, not the government. Believing the government can make things better is the reason your life isn’t better. Only YOU can make your life better.
    Comment moderation has been enabled. No surprise considering what you wrote.


  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I too will be using the same criteria. Also, in response to the first commenter, what are we actually “doing?” Most Americans are so blissfully unaware of what’s happening in this country and around the world that I can’t imagine them actually “doing” anything. Desiring something better and voting for a candidate that may be able to provide it is doing your part as a citizen. “Doing” as it pertains to maintaining the status quo only propels the US it its current direction of unnecessary war, poor health care, horrible crime, diminished civil liberties and countless other atrocities.


  4. Please leave the politics to the grown folks, okay? Dreaming is great for folks who’re asleep, the rest of us are wide-awake and “doing”, not dreaming.


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