Van Noise.

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In Van Nuys we have barking dogs, police helicopters, the dull roar of the 405 Freeway, ambulance sirens.

Now it appears we will have overnight flights taking off and landing at the Van Nuys Airport.

The Glendale-Burbank-Pasadena Airport Authority has recommended that Burbank Airport shift some of its overnight flights to Van Nuys in order to reduce sleep-depriving noise.

According to the LA Times, “The proposal would send about 16 private and corporate jet flights each night to Van Nuys — already the world’s largest general aviation airport. In Burbank, whether they live in the flatlands around Bob Hope Airport or in the hills ringing the city, residents are fed up with flights that routinely startle them out of a deep slumber.”

I too am sick of noise that deprives me of sleep. I look in horror at two homes currently going up on vacant lots on the street just behind my home. They are each going to be 4 bedrooms. Who will buy them in this market?

So by this summer, I predict they will be rented out to groups of “adults” who will split the $4,000 a month rent six ways. They will park their cars on the street, and entertain their friends with all night parties. No doubt, someone will have a dog or two and a loud stereo.

And Van Nuys Airport will welcome corporate jets landing at 2am.

3 thoughts on “Van Noise.

  1. Steeped in aviation tradition and history? Great point – that’s where the outrageous noise of constantly growing airports that flank both sides of the valley should stay – in history.
    The Van Nuys Airport loses money every year and primarily services the wealthy with no regard for the quality of life of the residents. Who cares about the historical part of the community? The noise pollution generated by these airports in their current state is absolutely outrageous and MUST be regulated. I don’t give a crap if Norma Jean lost her virginity on the VNY airport runway…we still don’t need Stage 2 jets and helicopters flying at low altitudes over our houses at all hours of the day and night!


  2. The San Fernando Valley is steeped in aviation tradition and history. The very airports you pick on are vital to the economy. Los Angeles was a great aviation center with more than 20 small strips including Griffith Park. The AAA used to put milage markers on the roof of their building to help pilots find the airports prior to navigation aids. A girl named Norma Jean Baker used to work at Van Nuys airport. I could go on. I’m surprised at the negative view on a vital, economic, historical and integrated part of the Los Angeles community.


  3. I, too live in Van Nuys, and we don’t like the “choppers” police or TV, buzzing around at 2 or 3 a.m.
    My argument with those opposed to Burbank Airport, the airport has been there for 70 or more years, so, most likely those who are complaining about the noise moved into their homes after the airport became a commerical aviation site. So, what’s so different now. The answer, nothing.
    I’m guessing those who complain are new to the area, within the past ten years, impacted by the airport. For some unexplained reason, they seem to believe we Van Nuys residences deserve to have more noise. Go figure.
    Bill Richardson
    Van Nuys


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