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Starbucks Beans, originally uploaded by riacale.

If you want to start a panic at your local Starbucks, ask one of the employees to sell you a half a pound of beans.

It happened last week at the Starbucks on LaBrea and Santa Monica. I went in and asked for a half pound of “Pike Place” ground for a cone filter.

The front counter guy left the register to go in back. There was a commotion. An orange streak haired guy came out and asked again, “What is it that you want?” I pointed to the bags of beans on display. Supposedly, this is their new bean, highly touted.

“How much?” he asked.
“Half pound, ” I said.
“Ok, dude. Hold on.” he answered.

He went in back again and dragged out an unopened large amount of the beans. But then he came around in front and grabbed a pre-wrapped pound of Pike’s Place from the display.

I watched him try and open the bag. It was difficult. He then asked the other worker for help in operating the scale. He didn’t know how to measure the beans. Then he spent about two minutes trying to get the scale to measure it.

He poured the beans into the grinder, and then tried valiantly to seal the bag. He couldn’t find something else, I don’t know what.

I stood waiting for about 10 or 15 minutes. Finally, he handed me my half pound bag.

Only he had ground a pound and charged me only for half a pound.

How come I can operate the coffee grinder at Trader Joe’s with no difficulty?

One thought on “Buying Beans at Starbucks.

  1. Andrew,

    Very politely talk to the manager about the inconvenience you experienced. He or she will likely provide you with the next pound on the house.
    You’ll finally get back something for having paid $5.50 a day for your double-tall-lactose-free-extra-hot-no-foam-caramel macchiato (or is that my preferred beverage?).


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