"She Lacked the Grace to Congratulate."

From the artful pen of Peggy Noonan:

Recoil Election
June 6, 2008

“It is the most amazing thing that a young black man who was just a few short years ago unknown to most of his countrymen—really, unknown—could, this week, win the presidential nomination of one of our two great political parties. It is even more amazing that this historic news could be overshadowed by the personal drama and spite of the woman who lost to him.

I like it that she spent the campaign accusing America of being sexist, of treating her differently because she is a woman, and then, when she lacked the grace to congratulate the victor, she sent her stewards out to tell the press she just needs time, it’s so emotional. In other words, she needs space because she’s a woman.”

3 thoughts on “"She Lacked the Grace to Congratulate."

  1. I would have voted for her if she had not been so hateful. You are correct that there are those who needed her to be skinny and in a skirt, but for me that was not the problem. Let’s just come together and get the democratic vote.


  2. Here is why she lost:

    The hard left did not want her. For reasons that she is sane and not part of the bush derangement syndrome and does not call for radical change and she voted for the war. But that is just the artsy fartsy vote. however, that plus the black vote (which is unbelievably racist – 9-1 in favor of obama) gave obama a plurality. Once edwards was gone, it was near a majority.

    The rest of the field, the woman, white males with some heart, and the regular democrats would have voted for her, had she worn a skirt just once. Just once – hell, i would have crossed over and voted for her. let her take a week hiatus, lose 6-8 pounds and then about 8 more, get a tight skirt on – and then when that glib black dude says “you are liked well enough” let’s see the backlash. Pants suits are lame. they suck. she lost because of them.


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