With Peaches and Daddy.

My friends, my friends, come walk with me.
Come walk with Peaches and me, my friends, into the Valley of Death.

We will go to war, we will, yes we will
We will find a war to fight and fight it we will.

Look not at our deeds, nor our record, but listen to our promises.

We will drill and destroy the wilderness,
As the icebergs melt, and our lungs fill up with carbon

Wait, my friends, in emergency rooms for eight hours
And watch your children die in uninsured rapidity

We will spend trillions my friends and never on ourselves
We will bankrupt our nation, morally and economically

And best of all, my friends, we will be right
Yes, we will be right, marching, quickly

Into the Valley of Death,
With Peaches and Daddy.

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