Where the Rubbers Meet the Road.

Once again, a little problem in our neighborhood must be confronted.

It happened to my friend down the street a few months ago. She told me she found a used condom near her driveway.

And this morning, I pulled out of my garage and noticed that we had some visitors here last night.

There are less and less visible prostitutes walking around Sepulveda than, say, 20 years ago. But they are still around. The whores and their johns still use Gilmore, Hamlin, Columbus and Kittridge as their nocturnal playground.

And the rest of us are left to clean up their mess…..

One thought on “Where the Rubbers Meet the Road.

  1. I seen some or shall I say ALOT of hookers a couple week ago – vose & sepulveda. It was 7 am kids were there walking to school and these girls where walking in the middle of the road on Vose – nasty.


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