Who Will Get the Blame for the Economic Meltdown?

Washington Post’s Richard Cohen darkly alludes today to the 1930s, a time when Hitler, Mussolini, Father Coughlin and many others looked around and decided that a certain group of people deserved blame for the the Great Depression.

I don’t know what group of people he is describing, but I do know that the other day I was shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Olympic. A cashier ushered me into her line, but before I could get in, an older man, pushing a shopping cart, tried to get past me. His aggressiveness angered the woman and she said, “Some people can’t even wait.”

I noticed he was wearing a baseball cap that said “Goldman Sachs” on it. I joked to her that maybe that his hat explained his rude behavior. She looked over into the other line, spotting his cap, and she laughed and gave me a high-5. “You made my day!” she told me.

When times get tough, there is always a scapegoat, and I think we are entering a time that will easily segue into an indictment of the Jews. After all, didn’t they push us into war against Iraq?
And aren’t they prevalent on Wall Street, in Hollywood and the media?

Just watch. We Americans have been lucky in our prosperity and ignorance of history and the rest of the world’s suffering. Wait until our homes and jobs are lost and are savings dry up. Just wait and watch and see who will get the blame…..

One thought on “Who Will Get the Blame for the Economic Meltdown?

  1. I would be amazed if it were the jews getting the blame in America. They run the place. right?

    But standing from afar, it will be interesting to see who you blame. You know in Europe the answer for sure. The only question in Europe is, who’s going to war 🙂


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