Me and Pastor Bob.

I was driving around LA today and happened to hit 107.5 FM. I never listen to this station, but there was a spellbinding voice on there that grabbed my attention.

“Persistence! You cannot give up. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you give up. Harden your heart! Tell yourself that you won’t let any distraction, be it TV, magazines, the Internet…drive you from your goal. You want to give up? What are you going to be if you give up?”

I didn’t know it but I was listening to the voice of Pastor Bob.

He told other stories, about his son, who cried every time he had to take a swimming lesson. The kid stuck it out and now can swim.

Pastor Bob excoriated Americans who want to give their kids an easier time in life. How are these children going to be when they grow up and find that life is a struggle? Does that explain why so many kids are fat, because they are too lazy to exercise?

The Pastor kept talking about not taking the easy way out. Persistence, determination, working hard.

Was God talking to me about my unfinished screenplay? The one I haven’t worked on in six months because I don’t know if I can finish it and sell it?

I may have to give up my atheism and latent Judaism and become a devout Christian. If Pastor Bob can lead me into a better way of life, I may just consider following him on the road to Damascus.

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