My local polling place.

14917 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA

This year, the voting was conducted at the Salvation Army, 14917 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys.

We awoke early, in the rain, and when we arrived at 6:45am there were already about 20 people ahead of us.

By 7:15 I was done voting.

I had brought my cheat sheet, a liberal guide to voting on the propositions and which obscure judges to vote for.

As usual, I had to marvel at the moronic method used to record my vote. I speak of that card that slides into a double red holder and the little, bitty inky pen which one must use to aim for the smallest of holes.  I cannot imagine anyone older than 65 having the eyesight or dexterity to use this crude system, but that’s what we do here in California.

I don’t know that I “beat the crowds” by voting early. When I returned in the mid-afternoon, to snap this image, there were very few voters inside.

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