Excerpt from an email sent to me concerning the anti-gay marriage Propostion #8:

“Marjorie Christofferson, the owner of el coyote, apparently is a donor to “yes on prop 8”. (See link below to la times site listing all donors in our zip for and against prop 8. The site lists Marjorie and lists her business as el coyote).


It is one thing to donate and vote against our rights (that is an individual choice). But it is quite another to do so while taking our gay dollars each and every day. (Don’t bring me my chips and salsa and say “hi” with a fake smile while then using my money to stab me and my family in the back.)

We all know and love the staff of this restaurant. They are true friends and are wonderful members of our extended community. But I do not feel like we should be giving our money to el coyote so Marjorie can then take those dollars to fuel hate and deny our basic dignity.

In fact, I think we should make this point in a very LOUD way.

Details to follow… But in the meantime, spread the word that the owner of El Coyote is apparently NOT our friend. “

3 thoughts on “Bigotry and Burritos.

  1. looking at you from either side, our stand has removed dollars from ONE restaurant…clearly not affecting our local economy. where is it said those dollars were not spent elsewhere? here’s a tip going forward: figure any individual or company that becomes visible to the gay community having made it their clear intention to remove basic human rights by having supported prop 8 should be prepared to take a hit. that said either get on board or get out of the way. it’s on.


  2. My fiancée and I ate at El Coyote last Monday, 11/17. The place was busy and we talked with several members of the mixed hetero- and homosexual staff. They are united in supporting Marjorie.
    Marjorie sat and talked with us for about 20 minutes. Some of the things that she told us are:
    > She has no ownership of El Coyote; she is an employee. (I believe this has no bearing on her right to believe, think, contribute, and vote as she will but some of her opponents have made an issue of her supposed ownership).
    > The business has not and will not make any politically-oriented donations. Marjorie donated to support Prop 8 and other employees donated in opposition to Prop 8. The money the male employee in the video said would go to overthrow the voters’ will was a pool of some employees’ private donations, not the business’s money. El Coyote has/does/will make non-political humanitarian donations for counseling, welfare, etc. that include help to the homosexual community.
    > One of their managers has been with the restaurant for 50 years. Other employees have been there 20 to 30 years. The staff, like the neighborhood, is sprinkled with homosexuals among the heterosexuals. Nearly 100 people depend upon El Coyote for their paychecks.
    This was good enough for my fiancée and me to return in the future. I would that we outsiders follow the staff’s example and agree to be there together in peace. I hope to see all of the posters on this thread there frequently.
    – – – – – – – – –
    To the boycotters of El Coyote,
    Let me get this straight. Marjorie is not an owner, but one employee, of 89 employees at El Coyote, who you found to support Prop 8. This was enough for you to demonstrate, boycott, harass customers, and yell at that one employee. So the standard is that if 1/89 — 1.25% — of a business’s employees voted for Prop 8, you will do these things to that business.
    About 2/3 of Catholic voters, 70% of Black voters, and 91% of Mormon voters voted Yes on Prop 8. Each of those percentages applied to 2% exceeds your 1.25% trigger. This means if more than 2% of a business’s employees are Catholic/Black/Mormon, your standard with El Coyote calls for you to boycott and harass it.
    Are there any businesses that you can patronize? Looking at you from the other side, your stand appears to have removed you from our economy.


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