Liberal minded people, angered and offended that an employee of El Coyote contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign, might want to read a very personal story about how workers at this historic LA restaurant, as well as the manager who made the donation, are reacting.

It may be that people are too quick to jump on the righteous fury bandwagon before they know the true story.

One thought on “The other side of the “El Coyote” Boycott.

  1. Marjorie Christofferson also appears on a list of donors who supported George W Bush back in 2004. She donated $1000 to his campaign. Bush made adding an anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution a top priority back then, and he was re-elected because bigots from the religious right gave him an edge.

    If “Margie” doesn’t have a problem with gay people. If she doesn’t think anti-gay bigotry should be official policy — just as anti-black bigotry was officially endorsed by her church until the late 1970s — she has a lot of explaining to do.


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